Our Approach


Walk This Way therapy courses specialise in working with children, teenagers and adults that are both post op SDR and pre op SDR. We work with other types of Cerebral Palsy and other Neuro Muscular conditions but we are the only SDR specific training centre in the UK, Malta and the USA. We have been working with SDR related children for 9 years. We have an international client list of over 400 clients that we regularly work with. Our techniques are focused, specific and designed to strengthen and condition the body to be able to move more freely and with more control. We work very closely with Dr Park and Deanna Walters at St Louis Children’s Hospital in the USA. After visiting the Children’s Hospital and working alongside their therapists it was encouraging to see just how similar our approach and training methods are. 

We concentrate on strengthening the muscle weakness and then teach the body how to move better by focusing on biomechanics and movement. We are very focused on MOVEMENT and increasing functional Gain. 

The Values


Each client we work with is treated as an individual. We do this firstly by assessing each person on day one and watching them move and play. Day one is important as, it sets the tone for the rest of the course, and it gives us a chance to chat to the clients and the parents about any issues or concerns. From this we gain a much better understanding of the issues we are facing and allows us to tailor a course to their specific needs. 

On completion of each course we go through a tailored home workout program with the client. This ensures we can keep progressing forwards and clients don’t slip back. The home programme is key to the success as it is based around what we have just worked on in the course and allows progression for the next time we see the client. 

Our intensive therapy courses are 1 or 2 weeks long. We prefer 2 weeks the first time we see a client as it can take a few days to settle in and allows us to find the perfect structure for going home. 

One of the reasons our “therapy” is so successful is that our approach is different, as is our mindset. We look at the person from a different perspective with a different background. 

We also give advice on diet & nutrition to make sure the body is getting enough fuel  to grow muscle, repair and keep going. We like to take every opportunity to help move each client forwards and we believe that if the diet is not correct, we are never going to allow the body to grow and repair itself.