What to bring with you:

  • Splints, pollywogs (shoe inserts) , shoes / boots if available.
  • Walkers, walking aids.
  • Wear jeans or shorts and tighter fit tops, easier for the instructors to hold onto when walking and they don’t stretch when holding on, certainly nothing too stretchy or with much Lycra.
  • Jelly or jelly beans / Babies (this is before and after training to keep energy high)
  • A small bottle of juice, ideally with mild dilute juice, nothing fizzy or too sweet
  • Please no button up shirts as the buttons can hurt the child.

Please Read:

  • Clean indoor only shoes. The gym is busy and we don’t have time to hoover the gym between clients. The instructor will have their hands on the shoes during the session and this just means that we don’t get dirty and covered in Mud or any other muck that’s been picked up from outdoors. NO SANDY
  • NO Fizzy Drinks Especially Coke a Cola, Pepsi and ideally no fruit shoots either. Water or dilute juice is fine.
  • It is important to let us know in advance if there is a commitment that may hinder scheduling
  • No accompanying child to be allowed to run around the Gym part of the Centre and no ball games in the gym unless working with an instructor
  • Refunds, We don’t offer monetery refunds but we will hold the sessions to be used at a later date, if it is an outbound therapy course the sessions will have to be in one of our centres.
  • Leave the place as you found it, please put rubbish in bins and cups / mugs in the dishwasher
  • Nappies in a bag and put in the outdoor bin number 1’s and number 2’s
  • Deposits are $150.00 PW and £100 are non refundable, the remainder of the courses will be due 6 weeks prior to the start of the course we will send a reminder invoice at this time.
  • We can set up a payment scheme for courses but minimum of 2 x 2 week courses need to be signed up for Pa to qualify for this.

Please take your time to read through the following as we have policies in place for working with our clients be they children or adults. This is in place to protect the business Walk This Way (UK) Limited and the associated members of staff that work for and on behalf of Walk This Way (UK) Limited & Walk This Way USA. The phrase “the Gym” is where we are training working or meeting.

  1. We have a manual handling policy in place for working with our client. The nature of our job and how we do our job does mean that we have to physically move, pick up, adjust and touch the person/s we are working with at times, as we have to move them on and off equipment and mats,
    We also feel that sometimes a cuddle or a pat on the back is also acceptable as we feel this is rapport building and as some of our clients are young we also feel that they themselves need to be comforted to relax them if they have been upset.
  2. Falling. Our job and purpose is to maximize time and potential and we do this by encouraging and pushing the person to go outside their normal comfort zone. We do this by encouraging independence and that means that we need to push the person to test themselves. Unfortunately, this also means that the child / person might fall. This will or could result in them potentially hurting themselves and getting bruises but this could happen anywhere. We will work on falling to try and help the person to control falling and fall SAFER but at times it is not possible. We will however do our best to catch the individual if they are falling in an unsafe manor but this can itself create a bruise as we may have to grip firmly.
  3. Anti Violence – We will not accept our instructors being abused by a parent, another member of staff or a client. This is unacceptable. We do understand that we get tired and then tempers flair up, this is acceptable as is shouting but at no time will we at Walk This Way UK or accept any forms of physical abuse, be that kicking, biting, punching hair pulling, and if we deem that the behavior or conduct was so severe we may request the individual to leave the premises. We do accept that accidents happen and that Autism, Learning difficulties and other such mental conditions can affect  the person in many different ways but we would ask if this is the case to inform the instructor prior to the start of the session so they understand the issues that they are facing.
  4. The Gym – As a whole the gym is a very dangerous place to be if there is no supervision or Rules in place. So we would ask that siblings, clients or other person/s in the gym should be behaving and not playing with or touching equipment unless one of the instructors has agreed or they are showing the individual how to use the equipment. We cannot and Will not accept responsibility for injury due to falling equipment or falling onto equipment, or any injury sustained whilst a child or person/s are unsupervised by the parent or guardian responsible at that time.
  5. Due to child protection policies and safeguarding the Gym (Walk This Way UK & Walk This Way USA) Employees and children alike we must always have at least one adult accompanying the child we are training at all times.

If you would like to discuss one or more of these points please feel free to chat to Mike or a member of the Therapy team and we will more than happily discuss the issues further. If however there is no documented conversation regarding the issues then we are assuming that you are happy with the policies in place and will adhere to them. Paying deposits and booking a course we are presuming your entirely happy with this