I would like to highly recommend Mike Poole. Many of you may be in the process of trying to decide whether to invest your time and money in physical therapy with Mike. If I could summarize our recommendation in two words, it would be, “DO IT!” If it weren’t for a personal recommendation from a friend of ours, we might have missed this incredible opportunity for our son. Even with that, I was apprehensive about how Mike works with the kids, what kind of response he gets, etc. My son can be hard to motivate! But all of that concern melted within the first few minutes with Mike. He is one of the most observant people I know and he does it without you even really knowing it. Literally in the first 5 minutes of watching our son, he had already picked out which muscle groups needing strengthening and I’m sure he pretty much had his plan figured out as well. Over the next two weeks he very accurately solidified that plan as he worked with our son each day for 2 hours. It was THE most effective physical therapy we’ve ever had, and we’ve had many therapists over the past years! We have truly never seen such a transition in our son’s abilities in such a short time! I think there are several reasons for this. First, Mike is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and how to strengthen different muscles to achieve his goals. Second, Mike expects a lot from the kids, which is exactly what we wanted. He’s in it to get results, plain and simple. That’s what we love about him! Mike’s approach is so very different, in all the right ways.

But then came the tough part… ending our sessions with Mike! I was concerned that while two weeks of Mike’s therapy was awesome, could we really continue to get even more out of it with Mike’s home workouts afterwards? The answer is, absolutely! We have been doing the home workouts for 4 ½ weeks now. In some ways, what we’re doing now, as many days a week as we can, to follow Mike’s plan, is producing even more dramatic results. The workouts are AWESOME and definitely nothing we could have come up with without Mike! Of course as always, what you put into it is directly proportional to what you get out of it. Almost every day my son will say, “Mom! Watch this!” and he shows me something new he can do or something he can do better than before! This in itself is so energizing that it motivates us even more. As you all know I’m sure, no one said SDR or the PT afterwards would be easy, but difficult things can be so incredibly rewarding as well. So please seriously consider making whatever sacrifices you need to in order to become one of Mike’s clients. We are convinced you won’t be disappointed!

Katy McCleskey